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Presentation of the association

The AEDIN (in French: Association des Étudiant·e·s de Droit international de Nanterre) is an association created in 2014 at the initiative of former students of the Master 2 Law of International Relations and of the European Union.

Its objective is to create a network allowing:

  • To establish solidary and professional relations between former and future students of the Master 2 Research Law of International Relations and the European Union (DEA Law of International Economic Relations) and University degree from the International College of Law.

  • To promote this quality course.

  • To discuss the topic of international law.

The main activities of AEDIN are:

  • Facilitating contacts between new and former students

  • The organization of events (drinks, conferences, graduation ceremonies) and the keeping of a directory gathering the former promotions of the Masters and the University Diploma.

  • Transmission of information on upcoming events related to international law (conferences, seminars, colloquiums, meetings, etc.).

  • Advice and assistance to new students of the TPDIE Masters.

You can also consult the Statutes of AEDIN .

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