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Law Clinic EUCLID

This clinic, inspired by the North American clinics of the 1970s, takes a step aside from tradition by allowing NGOs to ask legal questions that they do not have the means or the time to resolve.

The clinic is constituted as part of the university course of the students, and allows them to have a concrete experience of the legal practice.

Organization of the clinic

  • Presentation of the different partners and cases to be dealt with in the fall.

  • January to May: work in pairs or three-persons teams of students under the co-supervision of an academic and a practitioner (regular meetings every 2 or 3 weeks).

  • January: presentation of the facts or the question asked, analysis and distribution of research and questions.

  • January, February: research.

  • March: development of the plan and contact with the partner.

  • April and May: finalization of research and writing.

  • June: ceremony for the presentation of clinical work.

At the end of this practical module, an assessment of the quality of the individual work will be carried out according to the integration of the program into the various Master 2 diplomas from which the participating students come.

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EUCLID is a unique opportunity for the students of the University of Paris Nanterre. It allows with its theoretical lessons, given at the beginning of the year, to study the critiques of the law and to question oneself about the courses which could have been taken until then. During my year, a critical commentary on a judgment or a legal text had to be given as a first note.

In addition to these hours of study, there is a very educational practical module that allows us to gain concrete experience of legal practice. My group was tasked with producing a report on the recognition of a global right to a healthy environment, a work commissioned by the association Notre Affaire À Tous (NAAT).

This experience allowed me to work in a group and to confront myself with real work as a lawyer and therefore to have a first experience of the professional world. This study was fascinating for me, and I can only recommend the experience to future students who would like to collaborate with an NGO, better understand their functioning, and really understand the profession of lawyer.

Anna (Master 2 Promo 2020-2021)

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